Reach Your Next Level Of Health, Focus, And Productivity In 21 Days With 9 Proven Super Habits

Reach Your Next Level Of Health, Focus, And Productivity In 21 Days With 9 Proven Super Habits

Next Group Starts On March 4th In...

Next Group Starts On March 4th In...

become An UNSTOPPABLE Force in the world And supercharge your Personal and professional Success

🎯 Install the new life-operating system that gives you a fail-proof formula to make progress faster than ever

⚡️ Become your most disciplined and consistent self even when you don't feel like it to make your previous best your new normal

🔥 Add world-class productivity processes to wake up with clarity and purpose every day, ready to make your mark on the world!

Do You Know You Have More To Offer And You're Afraid That You're Leaving It On The Table?

These 9 Super Habits Take Only 10 Minutes To Do But Create Hours Of Focused, Consistent, And Intentional Action Every Day!

Jade R.

"I didn't know how much time I was losing in my day until I followed your process. Adding just a little bit at a time made it so much more doable. You made it so easy and now I always know what I need to be doing to move the needle forward."

Monique N.

"When we're trying to implement change in our lives we have really big dreams and ideas and you've given us a roadmap to get there. It's exactly what I've been looking for, the structure and the support, all of it has been wonderful."

Hampton C.

"I have seen so much personal growth for myself and other people see it - My family members see it, my friends see it... If you're looking for a system that works, that provides results, try out this system. It's a foolproof way of hitting your daily habits and creating good routines."

Jennifer B.

"This last month was my most productive in years! It's about having the right system and the right support."

Jason T.

"It was 21 days of getting back to what I needed to have in my life - Structure, accountability, and making time for the people I love."

Tom C.

"I was really surprised with the changes I made in my life with just diet and exercise that I wasn't doing before."

This Is Way More Than Just Adding A Few New Habits...

The Super Habits System Transforms Your Crazy Busy Life Into A Peak Performance Machine In 3 Weeks

A Simple 5 Minute System That Transforms Your Crazy Busy Life Into A Peak Performance Machine in 3 weeks

#1 - Install The System

Watch Action Video Sessions On Mondays

#1: Install The System

Watch Action Video Sessions On Mondays

Every Monday you complete a 45-minute workshop guiding you through the Challenge exercises and instructions (Sent via email on days 1, 8, and 15)

#2 - Study The Process

Watch Theory Video Sessions On Thursdays

#2: Study The Process

Watch Theory Video Sessions On Thursdays

Every Thursday you watch a 20-minute training to deepen your understanding of the transformational process (Sent via email on days 5, 12, and 19)

#3 - Complete The Keystone Habit

Fill Out Your Self Improvement Scorecard Daily

#3: Complete Your Keystone Habit

Fill Out Your Self Improvement Scorecard Every Day

Every day you do the one 'meta' habit that initiates the 9 Super Habits and transforms your health, productivity, and mindset (in just 5 minutes) with daily follows ups to stay consistent

People Earn Promotions... Get In The Best Shape Of Their Life... Break Life-Long Bad Habits... Take Action On Their Dreams... And Excel At Their Next Level!

Past Success Stories Include People:

✔️ Earning Promotions...

✔️ Getting In The Best Shape Of Their Life...

✔️ Breaking Life-Long Bad Habits...

✔️ Taking Action On Their Dreams...

✔️ Excelling At Their Next Level!

Focus On The Fundamentals: The 9 Super Habits

🌿 Health Super Habits:

For People Who Are Too Worn Out Or Unmotivated To Do Anything Useful For Their Self-Care Or Wellness

#1 Plan your exercise

#2 Reflect on your dietary choices

#3 Get enough sleep

⏱️ Productivity Super Habits:

For People Who Are Too Unorganized, Distracted, Or Procrastinating Too Much To Feel Good About What They Get Done

#4 Create a time-boxed schedule

#5 Refresh Your Task List

#6 Commit to doing the thing you've been putting off

🧠 Mindset Super Habits:

For People Who Are Feeling Stuck And Held Back By Limiting Beliefs, Self-Sabotage, And Fear Of Failure

#7 Show up for growth

#8 Reinforce self-discipline

#9 Gratitude reflection

It's Time To Install The Super Habits System:

Become Ridiculously Consistent, Transform your daily productivity, And Supercharge Your Success In 21 Days

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(Available For Those Who Take On The Challenge THIS ROUND!)


  • 21 Days Of Daily Subconscious Priming To Shift Your Identity And Change The Conversation Happening In Your Mind. Makes Self-Discipline Feel Effortless, With Life-Time Access So That Your New Thought Patterns Are Permanent!


  • Worried You Won't Make The Most Of It? Have A Personal Accountability Partner Check In On You Every Day So That You Stay On Track And Do The Work

*** BONUS 3 - A 20 MINUTE 1-ON-1 COACHING CALL ($250 Value)

  • Meet 1-On-1 With Brian To Customize Your Habits, Systems, And Goals To The Specifics Of Your Life

**** BONUS 4 - An Extra Session On Day 21! ($100 Value)

  • A Final Session On The Last Day Where Brian Reveals How To Make This System For A Life-Time (And Points Out The Mistakes People Make Post-Challenge)

This System Is Not Right For You If...

❌ You don't want to have a full, fast-paced, high-achieving life

❌ You're not receptive to feedback or data-driven decision making

❌ You're resistant to doing things differently than you already do them

❌ You don't want to have a highly-detailed schedule for the day

These 21 Days Will Radically Accelerate Your Success If...

✅ You do really well with structure, when you're organized, and you have a plan to execute

✅ You are talented, hard-working, and respond well to accountability

✅ You've read a ton of self-improvement books and you're on the brink of a breakthrough

✅ You want to be the person others look at and say "Wow! That's next level! How do you do it?!"

The Super Habits System Brings Out Your Inner...

👶 Super Parent - Be the shining example your kids look up to as you do it all, balancing life's responsibilities while still pursuing your own passions (and never looking better!)

💍 Super Spouse - Mesmerize your partner by how you treat them every day with a commitment to always growing together and maintaining the rock-solid relationship other couples admire

💼 Super Contributor - Become truly irreplaceable in your work and get promotion-worthy results without compromising your health or your personal life

🤗 Super Friend - Be the person others thank for reaching out and making the effort to keep in touch

👩‍🎓 Super Student - Excel in your studies as you passionately build a foundation of education, health, focus, and balance

👵 Super Caregiver - Be the support system your older loved ones gratefully lean on without feeling guilty about pursuing your own dreams and ambitions

🦸‍♂️ Super YOU

Be the version of yourself that comes out on your best days, every day

Ready To Do It All And Make More Out Of Life Just Like They Did?

Meet Your Guide

Brian Ford

Host Of The Self Improvement Daily Podcast with 20+ Million Downloads

"I see a lot of talented, ambitious, dedicated people struggle to create the life of their dreams. Matter of fact I was one of them! I remember what it was like to know in my heart I was capable of more and to genuinely believe that I belonged at the next level. I felt like I had the work ethic and good ideas to really make something of myself, but for some reason I wasn't getting anywhere and I didn't know why.

So I committed myself to figuring it out, searching far and wide within subjects like evolutionary biology, subconscious transformation, and behavioral economics to see what it might be. And that's when I found it - The main thing holding me (and many people) back that I wasn't even aware of! So I created a system for myself and 19+ million downloads and a startup acquisition later, I want to share it with you!

I want to walk you step-by-step through the exact daily self-improvement process I use and have perfected for a decade, The Super Habits Systems, so that in 21 days you have the structure you need to take your health, productivity, and mindset to elite levels!"