A 21 Day Bootcamp To Make Daily Excellence Permanent

Super Habit (noun):

1. A high-leverage, routine behavior that requires little effort but yields massive results

2. The best thing you could do to add more intentionality, quality, and purpose to your life

"Implement super habits and your days will become unrecognizably more productive."

Does This Sound Like You?

If so, get ready because you're about to take off! πŸš€

❓ You're incredibly committed to your self-growth, reading book after book with a desire to improve your life, yet at the end you see little to no changes in your actions

❓You know all about goal setting but you want to do more goal achieving!

❓ You know all of the things you want to do on a daily basis but for whatever reason you just can't bring yourself to doing them consistently

❓ You're at your best when you have structure and a clear, well-thought out plan to execute

❓ You want to have the daily habits and routines that other people look at and say "that's next level!"

Through The Super Habits System, You Will...

βœ… Stop being hit or miss with you daily rituals and become ridiculously consistent in your exercise, productivity, and self-care habits

βœ… Build identity based habits that make being self-disciplined the easy thing to do, where eating healthy, not scrolling social media, and not hitting the snooze button happens on its own

βœ… Become so enthusiastic, so productive, and so motivated that you live a life other people have a hard time keeping up with

βœ… Get promotions and advance in your career faster than you ever would've predicted because you've multiplied your productivity and focus

βœ… Raise your standards and no longer tolerate bad, unhealthy habits that have been holding you back for too long

βœ… Build momentum, be unstoppable, and become undefeatable no matter what life throws at you

Here Are Some Success Stories!

Melissa E.

Hampton C.

"I have seen so much personal growth for myself and other people see it - my family members see it, my friends see it... If you're looking for a system that works, that provides results, try out this system. It's a foolproof way of hitting your daily habits and creating good routines."

Monique N.

"When we're trying to implement change in our lives we have really big dreams and ideas and you've given us a roadmap to get there. It's exactly what I've been looking for, the structure and the support, all of it has been wonderful."



Week 1: Foundation

The Keystone Habit

This is the #1 most recommended (but also most overlooked) thing you could do to improve anything about your life.

  • Daily Behavior Tracking - Get in the daily discipline of filling out your Self Improvement Scorecard. You can't improve what you don't measure.

  • Discipline On Demand - Begin 21 days of subconscious priming to ignite self-discipline and revolutionize your daily decision making.

Week 2: Fundamentals

Exercise, Scheduling, And Gratitude

Focus on the basics to raise your baseline. Make your 'previous best' your 'new normal'.

  • Revitalize Your Health Habits - Get extremely intentional with your exercise and morning routine so that you bring more enthusiasm and energy to every moment.

  • Master Time Management - Have a daily prioritization and planning routine to multiply your productivity and defeat distractions and procrastination.

  • Upgrade Your Outlook On The World - Complete a daily gratitude ritual where you reframe your day to see the positive until that's all you see.

Week 3: Feedback

Reflections, Sabotage, And Adjustments

Sustain high-performance for a life-time. Endure anything life throws at you and never fall back into old ways.

  • Keep Momentum Even After An Off Day - Have an intentional self-reflection process so that you wake up with a renewed sense of motivation and focus every morning.

  • Conquer Self Sabotage - Bring awareness to how your unconscious mind has been keeping you stuck so that you stop getting in your own way (and preventing your success)

  • Orient Around Your Goals Every Day - Habitually review your goals and keep them top of mind while also being proactive about adjusting your expectations

This Is How:

  1. Training Camp: Videos are meant to be watched the same day they're sent.

    On Mondays (Day 1, 8, and 15) you'll receive an email with a 45 minute video that takes you step by step through the Bootcamp Exercises.

    On Thursdays (Day 5, 12, and 19) you'll receive a 20 minute lesson that explains the theory being put into practice to further your understanding of the process.

    On the last Sunday (Day 21) you'll receive a video outlining how you can use the Super Habits System to create a life-time of elite performance.

  2. Action: Complete your new Keystone Habit, on your own, every day, for 21 days. It only takes 5 minutes to do

It's Time To Install The Super Habits System:

Build Undefeatable Habits, Be Ridiculously Consistent, And Live A Life Other People Have A Hard Time Keeping Up With

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Starts In...

The Super Habits System Brings Out Your Inner...

πŸ‘Ά Super Parent - Be the shining example your kids will look up to as you balance all of life's responsibilities, while still pursuing your own passions (and never looking better!)

πŸ’ Super Spouse - Mesmerize your partner by how you treat them every day, with a commitment to always growing together and maintaining the rock-solid relationship other couples admire

πŸ’Ό Super Contributor - Get outstanding results in your work and become truly irreplaceable at what you do, without compromising your health or your personal life

πŸ€— Super Friend - Be the person others thank for reaching out and making the effort to keep in touch

πŸ‘©β€πŸŽ“ Super Student - Excel in your studies as you passionately build a foundation of education, health, focus, and balance

πŸ‘΅ Super Caregiver - Be the support system your older loved ones gratefully lean on in their sunset, without feeling guilty when you do the things that fill your cup

πŸ¦Έβ€β™‚οΈ Super YOU - Make that version of yourself that comes out on your best days, every day

Are You Frustrated That You're Not Living At The Level You're Capable Of?

This Is How People Just Like You Fixed That, Permanently!

Meet Your Instructor

Brian Ford

Host Of The Self Improvement Daily Podcast with 18+ Million Downloads

"I see a lot of talented, ambitious, dedicated people struggle to create the life of their dreams. Matter of fact I was one of them! I remember what it was like to know in my heart I was capable of more and to genuinely believe that I belonged at the next level. I felt like I had the work ethic and good ideas to really make something of myself, but for some reason I wasn't getting anywhere and I didn't know why.

So I committed myself to figuring it out, searching far and wide within subjects like evolutionary biology, subconscious transformation, and behavioral economics to see what it might be. And that's when I found it - The main thing holding me (and many people) back that I wasn't even aware of! So I created a system for myself and 18+ million downloads and a startup acquisition later, I want to share it with you!

I want to walk you step-by-step through the exact process I use, and have perfected for a decade, so that in 21 days you will master self-discipline, live with more awareness and consciousness, and have the accountability and structure you need to take your health, productivity, and value (aka finances) to the next level!"