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  • Lisa was able to basically eliminate her non-essential social media usage instead of feeling bad about herself for being unproductive with her time.

  • Amber was able to get into a consistent exercise and meditation routine after struggling for years to get it going.

  • Dennis is getting to know his wife again because he's making a point to ask her more insightful questions, and they're marriage has flourished!

  • Kyle has been able to prioritize his self-care again after years of not being able to balance it with having kids.

  • Ned felt anxious about things he didn't know how to do at work and now he has a growth mindset and sees shortcomings as an opportunity to learn and grow.

  • Justine described herself as "all over the place" and now has more structure and organization in all areas of her life and follows a daily schedule.

  • Tricia was finally able to get over the fear of putting herself out there for her new business and became accountable to hitting an outreach quota.

  • Jay was snacking too much and started limiting unnecessary eating because he became more mindful of the behavior.

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How much more fulfilled would you be if you mastered productivity and started making more progress with less effort?


How much more enthusiasm for life would you have if you followed through on doing all of the things that made you feel at your very best?


How much closer-connected would you be with loved ones if you made them a genuine priority?


All it takes is 5 minutes a day for 21 days and you'll see what you're capable of, and how good life is, when you're maximizing your potential!