Ready To Activate A Life-Time Of High Performance, Elite Habits, And Genuine Success?

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A 21 Day Challenge To Install...


The 2 Keystone Habits That Make Up Your Operating System Help You To...

βœ… Clearly Define And Reach The Ambitious Goals You Set For Yourself

β€‹βœ… Multiply Your Output At Work While Still Prioritizing Your Own Health And Making Time To Be Deeply Present With Loved Ones

βœ… Implement Everything You've Ever Learned In Books, Podcasts, And Courses To Take Your Game To Elite Levels

βœ… Consistently Follow Through On Doing The Things That Make You Feel, Perform, And Show Up At Your Best!

Reach Your Next Level Of Productivity And Performance...

In Just 5 Minutes A Day For 21 Days

Habit #1

Daily Behavior Tracking On Your Self Improvement Scorecard (2 Mins)

This is the ONE THING that the most successful people in the world spend minutes doing every day TO CREATE HOURS OF PRODUCTIVITY...

If there were such thing as a silver bullet... this is it! There is nothing that will more quickly and radically expedite your growth!

Habit #2

Completing One Audio Session Of Subconscious Affirmations (3 Mins)

BE CONSISTENT and make the right choices WITHOUT EVEN HAVING TO THINK ABOUT IT by planting your "Best-Self Reflex" into your subconscious mind...

Simply by listening to a cutting-edge subconscious priming program called Discipline On Demand!

It's Time To Start Getting The Results You Deserve!

Brian Ford

Host Of The Top-Rated Podcast Self Improvement Daily With 17+ Million Downloads To Date

Hey there, Brian here πŸ‘‹

Can I share something personal with you that completely shifted my life trajectory?

For years I was a personal development "junkie" caught up in the 'information trap' - Listening to podcasts non-stop, reading the books, filling my down-time with videos, TedTalks, courses etc...

Telling myself I was doing the right things to grow as a person but nothing really was changing about my life.

I was still feeling disappointed that I wasn't performing at the level I knew I could... Still believing I was talented but wasn't getting the results to back it up... Still feeling held back and falling behind without being able to pinpoint why...

It was frustrating, deflating, and honestly made me question if I had what it takes to accomplish what I wanted to in life and reach my goals.

That is until I made one fundamental shift, and the day you make this shift for yourself, EVERYTHING will start to click.

Our focus should not be to acquire more knowledge... It should be to find ways to apply and optimize the few, transformational things we already know!

Now hear me out because you might be thinking that you're genuinely already doing that... So let's see...

Do you have a specific process that you consistently use to measure your improvement?

Do you have systems in place to be accountable for every decision you make throughout the day?

And do you know how those choices impact your well-being on a daily, weekly, and monthly basis?

If your answer is anything other than a clear and resounding "YES!", let me introduce you to the one thing that will most quickly and radically accelerate your growth!

It's called the "Self Improvement Operating System".

This is a refined behavior tracking system that gives you the clarity, intention, and process to improve anything about your life. It strengthens your mindset, raises your standards, brings your awareness to things you didn't know were holding you back, multiplies your self-discipline, and elevates your productivity to elite levels.

If you want to truly maximize your potential and show up with more presence and connection in every moment, register for the Best-Self Breakthrough Challenge so that you can install the Self Improvement Operating System for yourself!

That way you too can stop falling into the same traps countless people spend a life-time in and see what you're truly capable of accomplishing in this world!


If after the 21 days you don't feel completely prepared to change your life, you can request a refund...


There is no risk to you! We are taking on all of the risk for you so that you can BECOME UNSTOPPABLE!

You Know You're On The Verge Of Your Breakthrough If...

πŸ“š You've read books like "Atomic Habits" but you still aren't as consistent as you'd like to be with your positive habits

πŸ›‘ You've learned how important it is to say "no" but still find yourself too "busy" and stretched too thin

πŸ™… You understand the value in taking "imperfect action" but get stuck stuck in procrastination or overthinking

⏰ You know that time is the most valuable thing you have but you don't have a process in place to review how you're spending their day

πŸ“ˆ You tell yourself that failure is a learning opportunity but still feel dejected when you fall short of your goals

🚧 You try to set boundaries but have a hard time turning work off at the end of the day and being more present and available in your personal life

And Once You Achieve It, You Will...

πŸ”₯ Tap into a deep fire that helps you feel more energized, inspired, and confident than ever before

β€‹βš™οΈ Accomplish more in a single day than you used to in a week with a renewed sense of drive, ambition​​, and flow

πŸš€ Exceed expectations at work, get in the best shape of your life, and show up more genuinely for your friends and family

πŸ”‘ Become a master at 'doing it all' and people start lining up to ask you for guidance (and introducing you to exciting new opportunities)

πŸ’œ Feel a deep sense of purpose, fulfillment, and intention because you're perfectly harmonizing all areas of your life

The 21 Day Process Is Simple But Extremely Effective! In All It Entails:

1) Four 1 Hour LIVE Group Coaching Sessions

  • Held On Monday 4/3, 4/10. 4/17, and 4/24) at 9am PT

  • Designed To Help You Install And Optimize Every Element Of The Self Improvement Operating System

  • Replays Will Be Made Available For All Sessions

2) 21 Days Of Completing Your Two Keystone Habits

  • This Routine Takes Only 5 Minutes A Day To Do

  • You Will Be Fully Supported And Set Up For Success To Stay Consistent


  • Have An Accountability Partner Check In On You Every Day To Make Sure You're Sticking With It

  • Get Any Problems And Questions Quickly Addressed So That You Can Focus On Your Transformation

This Is The One System That Increases Self-Discipline And Gives You A Tangible Process To Improve Anything About Your Life


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Remember! This challenge comes with a 100% Money-Back GUARANTEE to anyone who doesn't feel fully prepared to transform their life after 21 days!

Wondering If This Will Actually Work For You?

This is what a few people who completed last month's challenge had to say...

This is what a few people who completed the last challenge had to say...

"It has always been a dream of mine to run a marathon but every time I wanted to start training for it, I procrastinated or got easily distracted. I learned that this was because of self-sabotage, and after the first week of this Challenge I felt so much forward momentum in my life that I finally wrote down my training plan, committed to it, and I've stuck to it ever since!"

- Griffin

"When I don't go for my morning walk, I get in a really unmotivated and uninspired mood. The Best Self Breakthrough Challenge helped me go for my walk in the morning more often, even when I didn't feel like it, because (as I heard every day in Discipline On Demand) I don't break the promises I make to myself." 

- Irene

"This 21 day challenge helped me realize how my old beliefs and stories have been holding me back. My first child was born recently and it totally threw me off my routine... and I was struggling to keep up with my work and health. I used to believe I couldn't be productive in the evenings but now I'm getting so much done after my baby boy goes to sleep and it feels great!" 

- Abel

"I felt really disappointed when I missed a day of the challenge, but Brian was there to support me and get me back on track. I learned that self-discipline is just as much about picking yourself back up quickly as it is about staying consistent. I feel way more resilient and prepared to take on other challenges in my life head-on!"

- Lily