Kickstart The Habits And Routines That Lead To A Life-Time Of Productivity And Happiness

Does any of this sound familiar?

  • You struggle to be disciplined in doing the things that you know are best for you
  • You're in a rut and you've gotten too comfortable with a lazy, unhealthy, or uninspired lifestyle that you don't enjoy
  • You feel like you're not living up to your potential because you don't have the energy to show up at your best
  • You aren't taking good care of yourself and your habits don't match up with the person you know you can be

Imagine if instead you could...

  • Easily follow through on the commitments you make to yourself and have more energy and enthusiasm for life than ever before
  • Have the confidence and sense of self-belief you need to push the boundary for what you thought was possible in life
  • Constantly hold yourself accountable to be the version of yourself that your loved ones and the world deserves

The 21 Day Challenge Starts In:

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The 3 Part Process To Creating Unstoppable Momentum In Your Life 

(That we're fitting into just 21 days!)

Part 1: Become A Master Of Your Own Psychology
Tired of fighting against yourself to make positive choices in your life? Throughout this challenge you will attend weekly live calls to deeply understand the psychology behind self-discipline and self-sabotage. 

This will free you from the tricks your mind plays on you so that you can finally breakthrough what has been holding you back! 
Part 2: Install Your "Self Improvement System"
There is ONE HABIT that separates the very best from the rest. You will be given a fail-proof, proven system that helps you incorporate this habit into your life and get it to start working for you! 

Because of this one habit you will immediately start following through on all of the things you struggle to get yourself to do! Think about how energized and fulfilled you will feel when you know you're living your best life! 

This habit only takes only minutes a day to do but it creates hours of productivity! You'll be shocked to see how quickly it changes your life!!
Part 3: Create An Identity Of Resilience And Self-Discipline
Start taking inspiring action on autopilot and stop disappointing yourself when you fall short of the commitments you make to yourself. Instead of relying on will-power to get yourself into action, become the person that makes the right choices without even having to think about it!

This challenge supports you in systematically transforming your identity so that you can start living up to the high expectations you set for yourself. Upgrading your identity usually takes a long time to do... But we've prepared advanced subconscious priming audios that accelerate you becoming the person you've always known you could be!


Designed From Experience

Brian Ford

Hi, I'm Brian 👋

Can I share something with you that completely changed my life?

The way we’ve been taught to think about self-discipline is completely backwards!

We’ve been taught that discipline is about having a lot of will-power. That it’s a mindset where you can make yourself do anything simply because you told yourself to…

That it’s hard to do, it’s earned, and it’s a quality held by the best of the best.

But the problem is, there are many strong, incredible, ambitious people (like you) who struggle to be disciplined…

And come to the conclusion that they must be mentally weak or incapable of achieving their big dreams (because they can’t seem do the small things right)

But the truth is, being self-disciplined is not a reflection of anyone’s character. It's a game, and I'm here to help you learn how to play it!

Do you want to be more consistent? 

I can show you exactly how I've become one of the most consistent people in the world: Doing 275,000+ pushups over the last 16 years, reading at least 100 pages virtually every week for a decade, creating over 1300 podcast episodes, meditating consistently for the last 3 years... the list goes on!

If you want your positive habits to be so dialed-in you feel like you’re on autopilot when you're doing them… No distractions, no excuses, no inconveniences.

And discover how good it would feel, and how proud of yourself you'd be, when you start taking real steps forward toward the best version of yourself...

Join me in the Your Best-Self Breakthrough 21 Day Challenge!

You'll be amazed by how productive you can be when everything starts to click! (And it will!!)

Make The Decision To Transform Your Life Now!

Real Lives Changed!
"I was in a really dark place for a while and Brian helped pull me out of it. After having a medical procedure go wrong that led to a disability (and indirectly a divorce) I really lost sight of who I was. I invested in working with Brian and with his insight, structure, and process I broke through the physical limitations I used to impose on myself and have a renewed optimism for life and what I'm capable of!"

- Dena Jo
"I set myself an ambitious goal to get into the best shape of my life, and with Brian's guidance I was able to achieve it. This helped me create a lot of momentum in my life that led to me waking up earlier, reading and studying more, and starting a new business. Brian's energy and commitment to my success was inspiring and working with him was a life-changing experience."

- Jean-Phillipe
"For a really long time I wanted to follow my dream of putting together a life-wellness program for kids. I was getting in my own way making up reasons why it wouldn't work or why no one would care... And Brian gave me the structure, accountability, and encouragement I needed to overcome my fears and to make it happen! I cannot thank him enough!"

- Larissa
"I've worked with Brian for over a year now and I can confidently say that I'm a different person because of it. I felt kind of stuck before and now things are just clicking in my life! I'm fired up to take on everything ahead of me. 

And credit to Brian - This subconscious process works, it's genius! 

- Travis