A Step-By-Step Process To Start Living Out Your "Best-Self Habits" And Increase Self-Discipline

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  • Why Will-Power Is So Misunderstood

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Discover Why Even The Most Talented People Have Such A Hard Time Staying Consistent With The Most Basic Habits...

Meet Your Instructor

Brian Ford

Brian is the host and founder of the Self Improvement Daily podcast, which has received more than 16 million downloads to date.

His background is in neurobiology, subconscious transformation, and behavior change. Brian also serves as an advisor for social entrepreneurs after having played a key-role in an 8 figure acquisition.

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A Decade Of Learning Simplified Into This Masterclass

Brian Ford

Host Of The Top-Rated Podcast Self Improvement Daily With 16+ Million Downloads
Hi, I'm Brian 👋

Can I share something with you that completely changed my life?

The way we’ve been taught to think about self-discipline is completely backwards!

We’ve been taught that discipline is about having a lot of will-power. That it’s a mindset where you can make yourself do anything simply because you told yourself to…

That it’s hard to do, it’s earned, and it’s a quality held by the best of the best.

But the problem is, there are many strong, incredible, ambitious people (like you) who struggle to be consistent…

And come to the conclusion that they must be mentally weak or incapable of achieving their big dreams because they can’t seem do the small things right.

But the truth is, being self-disciplined is not a reflection of anyone’s character. It's a game, and I'm here to help you learn how to play it!

Do you want to be more consistent? 

I can show you exactly how I've become one of the most consistent people in the world: Doing 275,000+ pushups over the last 16 years, reading at least 50 pages virtually every week for a decade, creating over 1300 podcast episodes, meditating consistently for the last 3 years... the list goes on!

And it all has been EASY because I implemented these 3 keys for myself!

If you want your positive habits to be so dialed-in you feel like you’re on autopilot when you're doing them… No distractions, no excuses, no inconveniences.

And discover how good it would feel, and how proud of yourself you'd be, when you take real steps forward toward the best version of yourself...

Watch the 3 Keys To Unlocking A Life-Time Of Consistency Masterclass!

Out of thousands of episodes and years of content, this is some of my very best stuff!

You'll be amazed by how easy life can be when everything starts to click! (And it will!!)