Are You Struggling To Figure Out What You Really Want Out Of Life?

Start Filling Your Days With Fulfilling Achievement And A Deep Sense Of Purpose

Does Any Of This Sound Like You?

You look back at your days and wonder if you did anything that really matters...

You don't feel motivated to do all of the things you tell yourself you're excited about doing...

You feel like you're falling behind in life and you're desperate to make a name for yourself...

Wouldn't You Prefer...

To feel incredibly proud of yourself and inspired by the wins you earn on a daily basis!

To have unbelievable clarity and determination that drives you to succeed in anything you set your mind to!

That people ask you for advice because you set such an incredible example for others!

Do You Want To Live An Inspired Life But You Don't Know Where To Start? Get Ready To Transform In These 2 Ways...

1) Push Your Boundaries - Feel the rush of life by pursuing life achievements that get your blood pumping. Colleagues will start asking you, "How do you do it?"

2) Raise Your Standards
- Feel immense pride staying disciplined to the high standards you set for yourself, allowing you to show up as your best-self in every single moment
Don't settle for a life that's "good enough"... It's time to make your statement to the world!
Packing A Year's Worth Of Honest Reflection Into 3 Hours
Discover The Few Decisions You Can Make That Will Quickly Transform You Into Your Best Self

Part 1

Stretch Capacity

Tap into your dreams and grandest aspirations, and realize that you're not as far away from them as you think you are.

Part 2

Raise Standards

Set new standards of excellence for your life, revolutionizing the areas of your life where you've been compromising the most.

Part 3

Rewrite Beliefs

Uproot old thought patterns and turn up your energetic thermostat so that you can sustain a new level of performance that enlivens you


"Certain Success" With Brian

Because you missed the live session, Brian wanted to give you the opportunity to meet with him for 30 mins 1-on-1 to ensure you are 100% prepared to transform your life!
The Summary: Instantly Take Huge Steps Of Forward Progress In Your Life Without Wasting Years Debating What You Want

Life Is Short! Don't You Want It To Mean Something?

  • Get Ready To Take On The World: Start turning your huge goals into reality by believing in yourself like never before and becoming capable of doing anything you set your mind to
  • ​Pull Every Ounce Of Joy Out Of Every Moment:  Stop letting that negative voice in your head keep you from enjoying the present, and feel empowered to take advantage of every opportunity life throws your way
  • ​Build A Foundation For Life Success: Discover what you truly want from life and don't settle for anything less. Now THAT'S living!

Committing To Transformative Growth Today Will Lead To A Lifetime Of Fulfillment!

This 3 hour workshop was previously recorded live.

The retail value of this product is expected to be $147.00. 

It is available for only $33.00 for THE NEXT 15 PEOPLE TO REGISTER!!


You'll Get A Bonus 1-on-1 Check-In Session With Brian ($77 Value)

(That’s a savings of $191 for the next 15 people to register!)

Results Are Guaranteed!
If at the end of the workshop you don't feel 100% prepared to revolutionize your life, you will get a full refund, no questions asked!
Get Ready To Grow More Than You Ever Imagined
Questions You May Have:

How do I know this will work for me? The frameworks you'll be working with come from more than a decade of testing and experimentation. They are intentionally designed to be widely applicable and accommodate all different life circumstances. Beyond that, there will be an opportunity to ask Brian for feedback when he makes himself available to you in a Bonus 1-on-1 session!

What if I don't know how I want to grow? This whole workshop is a massive exercise in self-discovery!  We'll dive deep into it right away and in only 3 hours you'll know exactly what your greatest opportunities for self-improvement are.

What if I'm not ready for this type of massive transformation? The fact that you're reading this, and even considering it, means you're ready. Any resistance you may feel is just your old-self refusing to evolve, holding on to how things used to be. If you want to live a truly impactful life, you'll need to rise above it!

Will this be offered again? Yes, or a version of it at least. But it's very unlikely it will available in at this price and with this follow up bonus!